Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another day looking at Motorhomes

We have looked at just about every motorhome on the lot here at Lazy Days. Some we have looked at more than once. But we are leaving tomorrow in the same one we drove in. We have enjoyed the the experience and will continue looking as we travel. Maybe we'll find one yet.
Today we ran into Don & Noryce Burgey who also spent last winter at Bentsen Palm Village in Texas. We had lunch together and got to know eachother better. It's fun to run into people on the road like that.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Searching in Seffner

Yesterday we arrived in Seffner, FL for a stay at Rally Park next to Lazy Days to look at their selection of used (and some new) Motorhomes.
Today we must have looked at 20 different models. Some we liked, some we didn't. We did test drive a 2006 Damon Tuscany, but in the end decided it wasn't really what we want. Trading up is like buying a new house. If you aren't going to be any happier in the new one, there's no point.
We did have a fun day. It's always fun to look.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Old Town Campground N Retreat

This morning we packed everything up and headed southeast from Port St. Joe. We stopped in Panacea to visit Jim & Linda who are staying there at Holiday Campground. We also met their daughter Sonsearae and her SO Chris. We all had a great lunch by the bay. I was so good to see them but we couldn't stay because we wanted to get about 1/2 way to Seffner today.
These are pictrues of the campground we are staying at tonight.
Picture #1 is the Office. When we got here, there was a note on the door that said, "I'm working in the campground, pick up the phone on the desk and push any yellow key." So I did. Joe answered and said he would be right there. He came on his electric golf cart/wagon.
Picture #2 is the site we are set up in. A big easy pull through. We didn't even have to unhitch the car. We were set up in no time.

The last 2 pictures are carvings in the trees. We aren't sure, but think that perhaps the trees were scrapped and this is how Joe fixed them.
This is a nice place. This area is called the Nature Coast.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

St. Vincents Island NWR Florida

We spent a wonderful day on St. Vincents Island NWR just off Port St. Joe, FL. There were only 6 people on the whole island!

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