Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Day at the Beach

Today was a beach day. 

The kids did some clam digging.  They found some big ones.  I'm not sure if they will be dinner tomorrow or bait.


   The guys went fishing in the kayaks and the girls, grand-mom's and little guys spent the day on the beach.  I know, it's a rough life I lead......

  Jana & Kathy walked a couple of blocks and got a bakers dozen live lobsters to steam for dinner.  Mike grilled some NY strip steaks.  We went to a farm stand for corn on the cob.  It was $5 per dozen & boy was it good!  So fresh and sweet.  M M MM M!  Dinner was a great success.

 So, day 2, and my second lobsta dinner.  

 Sun set on Saco Bay

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Montana to Maine

  Today we were up early in order to be ready to leave for the airport at 9:30 am.  
  Jim & Linda picked us up and after a short visit with Dan & Amy we were off to catch our flight to Maine.
  Both planes were small but comfortable.  The first one was cold and I was glad I had an extra jacket.  Of course as I was leaving the plane I was pealing it off because it was in the 80's in Chicago.  
  We had a short delay between flights, but not too bad.  It gave us time to find something to eat.
  We landed here in Portland, Maine at 10:20 PM.  After we got our bag we took the hotel shuttle and dropped our luggage in our room and took off on foot to find more food.   We ended up walking up to the drive up window of McDonald's where I got a salad and Scotty got a big Mac. I have to admit the salad was good.  If you know me, you know I don't eat McDonald's, so you know how really hungry I was.
  I'll post some pictures next time. The interior of the airports wasn't very picturesque.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stevensville, Montana

We left Kalispell on Monday and drove south to Stevensville to our friends Amy & Dan's home.  We are parked on their property.  Linda & Jim are about 30 miles south of us in Hamilton at a campground.  It seems odd to not have them next door.  But we will be back beside each other for the winter if not sooner.  
Jim & Linda came up for dinner last night and then tonight Dan, Amy, Scotty & I went to Hamilton to have dinner at a local restaurant with them.   Both dinners were great (both the food and the company).

We had some rain today.  These are a few of the pictures I took here tonight. 

This Amy & Dan's is the pond
                                                 Scotty  saying hello to the neighbors

                                                Then the storm moved in from the west

                                                        The rainbow was amazing

                                                                 Then it doubled!

                                                   Then the mountains turned to gold!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Glacier National Park

  Today Jim, Linda, Boo, Scotty & I went to Glacier National Park.   It started out a bit foggy with some low clouds, but turned into a beautiful sunny day.
I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Monday, July 19, 2010

We decided to break up our drive today by going to the  National Bison Range .      

They don't let you drive it in a motor home or a motorcycle.  So we unhitched our car in the parking lot and the 5 of us (Scotty, myself, Jim, Linda & Boo)  drove the 19 mile loop.  They have 370 - 500 bison hereHowever, we only saw maybe 10 total.  But still, 10 was better than 0!  We also saw prong horn, mule & white tail deer.  The views were amazing.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17th

Today was clear and bright.  So we (Jim, Linda, Scotty & I)
decided to take a drive in the Idaho National Forest. On Little Joe Road.  We went something like 87 miles, at something like 20 miles per hour.

It was a good day, spent with good friends.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Catching up

 I hadn't realized that it had been so long since my last post.  So now I'll attempt to catch up.

 After the excitement of the 4th of July we left the Tillamook area and drove Southeast to Elma, WA. for 4 nights.  


 We spent an afternoon with our dear friend Teri Smith who used to live in VT.  It was wonderful to see her.  We went out to dinner and had a great time catching up.


                                       We left Elma for Ellensburg on the Yakima River.

 We stayed at a Passport America park that was a bit funky, but fun.  They had horses, sheep, a goat, and a lot of big bulls. The bulls were rodeo bulls. 


After our stay in Ellensburg we drove up I-90 to Soap Lake.  Yes, Soap.  It is known as Healing waters.  It has a bunch of minerals in it and people  have been going to the lake and using the mud as long as there have been people in the area.

                                                               Wild Horse Monument

The bad thing about our stay was the wind.  It blew all day and all night every day and every night except the last day of our stay.  On that day we went to the Dry Falls.

 Last night we stayed in Spokane, WA.  At the fairgrounds.  We were the only ones there.  It wasn't much to write about.

  We stopped for lunch at the Grand Coulee Dam.  There was a nice grassy park and we enjoyed the stop.

  Today we drove through Idaho and into Montana.  It was a beautiful drive through the mountains.  We are spending the next 3 nights in St. Regis, MT at the Nugget RV Resort.

 St. Regis River

 So now, I'm done catching up.