Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dancing Deer & Other Things

  I decided to get back online and take my chances with my Evil Twin discovering me.

We are still staying with Susan in Grey Forest, TX.  Scotty has been doing lots of odd jobs for her.   I haven't been doing much of anything but hanging out. 
  Here are a few pictures;

Scotty doing some plumbing work

Digging up the septic
Helping Susan patch the roof

This was the biggest Swallow Tail I have ever seen.  It was also fast.

Rock Squirrel

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Evil Twin

This week I have been dealing with an evil twin who hacked into my Facebook account and then my email account from there.  This hacker sent emails to my contacts telling them that I was in London and had been robbed and needed money.  Most everyone knew it wasn't me because of the wording but it was still upsetting to have a hacker emailing or chatting with you pretending to be someone you know.

I thought I had the problem solved yesterday, but this morning they were back.  They hacked back into my facebook account and changed the password so that I couldn't access it!  Now I'm no longer annoyed, I'm ticked! 

It took me over an hour to get into my account and change the password so that I could close it.
So, as of today, I am no longer on Facebook.  I am sure my evil twin will tire of trying to reopen it and will move on.  Unfortunately, to someone else's account.  Facebook has a page in the help menu on dealing with this scam, but I don't believe they actually do anything about stopping it.

I will try to blog more so that people can check to see where we are & what we are up to.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello Helotes!

 We arrived at our wonderful friend Susan's home in Helotes, TX on Thursday afternoon. 
 We had a greaat dinner on the patio and chatted into the night over wine.  It was wonderful.
 While we are here I hope Scotty will rest and get his back feeling better. 

This Swallow Tail flitted around all day.

The babies looking through the fence.

Mama wasn't far away.

Young Buck Still in Velvet
This handsome buck came in to eat too.

"hey, where'd everybody go?"

Northern Texas

Palo Duro Canyon State Park, TX

Our camp site

Our first Texas sunset

This guy was at The Wooden Spoke Campground

By The River RV Resort in Kerrville, TX where we met up with Jim & Linda again.
Bonnie & Clyde who live on the river at By The River RV Resort.
Since this guy had no olive branch we think he was an escapee from either a wedding or a magic show.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


  On Monday we left Utah and headed to Colorado.  We made a stop at the Welcome Center in Fruita for lunch and to pick up some information.  Boy, did we get information. Not only did the people who work there help us, but there were other travelers there that told us about all the great places they had been.  It was very informative, to say the least.
  With a stack of brochures and some new maps we headed down Highway 50 to the  Passport America campground in Montrose.  Centennial rv park is a nice place, very level, rather new.  The only campground rule is "Do unto others"  which we think is VERY cool.  We have decided to spend a total of 4 nights here since they were nice enough to extend the PA fee ($15.50) for up to a week since it's past Labor Day.
  We spent Tuesday driving the South Rim Rd. of  Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park .  Again, I took too many pictures, but I think you'll like the ones I am posting.