Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Today we had several appointments in Rutland, Vermont http:// It hasn't changed much since we were there last year. Not that I expected it would. There were a few stores at the mall that were different, but that was about it.

Our first appointment was with the accountant. We needed to get our taxes done and sent in. That will be a load off my mind. I explained to him that we would not be in VT next year and he said to just mail the information to him. Good to know. One less thing to worry about.

We had lunch at Friendly's Ice Cream http:// which seems to be only in the north. I was good and didn't have desert, while Scotty had only a small sundae.

Next Scotty had an appointment to have his hearing aids checked. Since they are still on warranty, they sent one in for cleaning and adjusting and he will get it back in a week or so, then they will send in the other one. So right now he is only on 1/2 power.
Next stop, new glasses. (for Scotty of course) I have decided instead of saying "he's a keeper" I will describe him as "a fixer upper" more fitting.

We spent some time looking at new cell phones, but only got confused. There are so many features to choose from. I will spend some time online looking at them before we decide.

On the way home we stopped for an Italian dinner. It was great and we have enough left overs for tonight's dinner.

Today, Jana came down with whatever sickness we have had going around. I hope we don't get it next. Time will tell.

The weather has finally gotten nicer. It has been sunny for 2 days and the forecast is looking food. The highs are only in the 70's but that's normal for here. Maybe the sun will help drive off the black flies that have been devouring everyone.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Today is the first day of June!
Where does the time go? We have only been here in New York for 10 days, and it already feels like 3 months!

The weather here has not improved much. It has stopped raining all day, every day, but it's cold and I don't like it.

The last week has been mostly uneventful. We have gotten settled, done an inventory of the things we have stored (never remember what's in the shed from one year to the next) and we have been able to spend time with the kids.

We took advantage of the sunny weather on Sat. and drove about 30 minutes to visit some friends on Sumitt Lake. It was wonderful to see them even for a short visit. We will be getting together with them again soon.

Our grandpupppy (Zena - warrior princess) has moved back in with us for the summer. She is a sweet little thing and we enjoy having her visit.

Scotty has been painting the inside of our 18' Lonestar boat so that we can get out on the lakes and Hudson River. The river is part of the New York State Barge Canal System. He want to go through some of the locks. I will have to take extra Dramamine for that.

Speaking of that...... I had forgotten how hilly and curvy the roads are. It is beautiful, but my stomach likes the flat straight roads much better.