Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More From Kentucky

Barn Quilt Block


Very intricate design
Tobacco Barn

Carol & I made Stone Cairns


Jim & Scotty went kayaking today


Friday, October 19, 2012


Scotty & Jim did some projects

Carol & Anne painted this quilt block for the neighbors shed

Paw-Paw trees

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rolling On New Tires

  We finially got 6 new tires put on our motor home on Saturday.  We are still not sure why it took a week to get them. 

   We were so blessed to have been able to spend the week we were grounded with Mark, Kathy & Billy Harris who live on Cayuga Lake.  If we had to be stranded, it was a great place to spend the time.  We adopted them into our family years ago.  They were wonderful and generous.  We really appreciate all they did for us.

We were able to go to one of Billy's soccer games, an open house where Mark works, and a few nice long drives along Cayuga Lake down to Ithaca and back viewing the fall colors.

 Saturday we drove to Erie, PA and stayed at a Passport America park called Sarah's where we met some great people who invited us to have dinner with them. 
  Unfortunately it was a rainy night and they canceled the bonfire on the beach that has been planned.

  Today we drove from Erie to Oregonia, OH where we are parked at Olive Branch Campground.  It was a bit expensive for our taste, but it's a pull thou site and we were able to get our LP tank filled.  Tomorrow we will drive about 100 miles to our friends, Jim & Carol's in Berry, KY.  Not sure how long we will stay there.  I am getting anxious to get to Texas.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Blow Out

  We had a few challenges getting everything ready to leave Vermont and head back to Texas.  But we finally hit the road on Thursday.
  We were happy to be on our way and enjoyed seeing the sun.
  However, only a few hours down the road we had a blow out.  This is the first one we've had so we consider ourselves lucky.
  When the tire blew it did a bit of damage.  We will deal with most of it when we get back to Texas, but today we were busy trying to get things fixed enough to drive.  The 2 big things are of course tires and the filler tube to the gas tank was crushed and we couldn't put any gas in the tank.  Scotty we able to remove and do a temporary repair to the tube.  We haven't located a new gas cap yet.

Blow out

Lost the gas cap

crushed filler tube

smashed water compartment

removed broken filler tube

Scotty repairing the filler tube

repair (He's so good!)