Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today Scotty and Mark took the fridge out and ordered a new cooling unit. I was left with this lovely space. I tried to figure out where else we could put the fridge because I think a washer & dryer would fit in there perfectly. But, there is no other place for the fridge to go and of the 2, I would rather have the frige. The new part should be here the first part of next week.

This is what the back of the fridge looks like. Scotty is taking the cooling unit off in this picture. We will have to send it back when we get the replacement and they will rebuild it to see to someone else.

Pat & Vern Shearer arrived today. They came to my rescue and lent us their dorm sized fridge. It's not big, but it's great to have any fridge to use. We still have Teri & Marks cooler too.

Pat & Vern have a broken cable on the bedroom slide and Scotty & Vern are going to try to fix that next.

It was hot and humid again today. We can't use the pool for a few days because instead of turning the heater on for the hot tub, the pool heater was turned on by mistake and it is now 102 degrees! It may cool down enough to use in a couple of months!
Pat & Vern went to dinner with us at Pizza Hut. It's great to see them and hear about the places they traveled this past summer.
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