Saturday, October 9, 2010

Back in Mission for the Winter

 On Oct. 1st we drove the 278 miles from Grey Forest to Mission, arriving at Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort around 3:30.  
 We were greeted with open arms by Jeni & Don.  After checking in we got settled at our usual site #826.  Linda & Jim were already set up next door so the Flams wasted no time getting back together.
  Pat & Vern were also here and Pat had us all over for dinner.  It was great to be back in South Texas with our friends.

  Mark & Terri arrived on the 2nd and that was cause for another get together.............

On Monday (the 4th)  we had an appointment with Bert Ogden to have the break recall work done on the motor home at 8 AM.  We spent the morning doing errands and picked it up after lunch.  I drove the car back and Scotty drove the motor home so he could stop to fill the gas tank.  After I had been waiting for him to arrive for about 30 minutes I called to see where he was.   It seems he was down the road by the Butterfly Park with a broken serpentine belt!  I drove down to see what was going on with that and found him limping the motor home down the road about 20 feet at a time.  Shutting it down to cool off, then limping another 20 feet.  What a guy!  He made it back to our site and had a very hard time steering it to back in.  But after a while he made it.  We then hooked up and turned on the AC to cool it down since he had run it with the heater on to help keep it cooler.
Here he is working on it the next day.

this is what was left of the belt!

We went to Progresso Mexico with Pat and Vern. The Rio Grande is very high.  We don't have flooding here at the resort.

The boat house is still under water.

Vern had to play in the water.

Near the Palapa

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