Monday, April 4, 2011

The Long Journey Home Begins

 Another winter has come to an end and over the last month we have watched many of our friends pack up their RV's and head north.  And so we too packed up and left our winter home at Bentsen Palm RV Resort in Mission, TX on Sunday.
  Of course nothing is as easy as you think it should be and after all the work and packing & we were finally ready to leave the steps broke.  Scotty tied them up and we were on our way.  (Nothings going to stop us now...)
  We had a nice uneventful 200 mile drive to Pioneer RV Resort in Port Aransas. 
  Pioneer is a nice resort with a nice boardwalk to the beach.  We met up with our friends Jim & Carol Ablett here and will travel with them for a bit when we leave next week.
  Also, Gord & Carol Munro were here.  We got to spend a couple of hours with them tonight having a drink and some good conversation.  They leave in the morning so we said our good byes and will look forward to seeing them in the fall.

 swallow tail

Texas Blue Bonnets

Ranch land


  1. Yay! You are coming home! Can't wait to see you two!---Deb

  2. Great post, Anne. See you two soon.

  3. Happy trails. See you soon we hope. We're in Georgia right now, fleeing the last tentacles of winter.

    It should be at least hinting at spring by the time we all get back up north. Looking forward to seeing y'all again.

    Matthew and Lourdes.

  4. We just got home yesterday and glad to be here. Feels good after a month of motels and restaurants. Drive carefully and have fun....Amy

  5. Love to watch your journey! Thanks for connecting me.
    Safe and Happy Trails!