Monday, April 22, 2013

Winter in South Texas

  As usual we spent the winter months in Mission, Texas at Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort as work campers. 
  We had a great season.  Scotty worked with Vern in Recycling and I split a position in Guest Services with Pat.  Sadly, Pat and Vern are not returning to BPV next season so it will be a little different.  Scotty will be working with Doug Porter and I will be splitting my position at Guest Services with Jan Lively.  We are both looking forward to working with our new partners in crime.
  Over the winter we had great fun with our wonderful friends.  Here are a few pictures;

BPV Derby
Karen & Smokey in their Durby hats
New Years Eve Dance

Boating on the Rio Grande

Mardi Gras

Valentine's Dance
Western Dance


               2nd Annual Whoever's left party
Scotty's projects

plastic welding

Generator Rebuild

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