Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lickdale Campground

Today we got an early start. The sun rises earlier in the north so we actually got up early (for us).
We only had about 240 miles to drive on RT. 81. The traffic moved right along so we made great time.
We stopped for lunch at a Walmart. Did some grocery shopping and got a sub at Subway to eat, then hit the road again.

We are staying at the Lickdale Campground in Jonestown, PA

The campground is on a small river which would be nice if it wasn't also next to the highway and you could hear the river.

There is a Winnebago club from NJ here for the weekend. We fit right in. They all think we are part of them. We are parked right next to our twin.

There is a good size store here. They sell camp supplies along with the usual stuff.

We had shrimp scampi for dinner. It was good! M~M~MM~M~!

We took a walk around the park and then went over to the store for
desert. Scotty got ice cream!

He was SO excited!
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