Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wallnut Hill Campground & RV Park

We are staying the night at Walnut Hill Campground
in Staunton, VA.

We have been here twice before and really like it. We hope to come back when we can stay longer. Maybe next fall...?

There is a nice pond for the geese and ducks. The weeping willows shade parts of it and the sun reflects off other areas. It's very peaceful.

The drive here from Granite Quarry, NC was a good one. The traffic moved at a good pace. Scotty did great driving (as he always does).

My ears aren't used to the higher elevation and so they popped and plugged most of the way here. They are ok now. May as well get used to it since we are on our way north.

Dinner wasn't much, certainly nothing to write about, so we walked to the camp store and got an ice cream. It looks like we will need to find a store tomorrow to stock up on some actual food.

This is our site. As you can see it's large and right on the pond. As I write this the geese are all in an uproar. They are pairing up and running the single males off. They should calm down when it gets dark. If not---I'd rather listen to geese honking than cars.
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  1. Glad to hear you made it ok. What time did you get in? Stop back in this fall, might have a better place to park by then, then maybe not to we'll see.
    Have safe trip North