Friday, May 15, 2009

On The Road Again...

Today was the day we parted ways with our friends Jim & Linda. They are staying at The River Bottom Farm through the weekend and we left at today at 9 AM. (It sure has been fun guys. We will miss you.)
We had an easy 3 hour trip from Swansea, SC to Granite Quarry, NC.
We arrived at noon. Bob met us and we went to lunch at a local diner. It was nice to catch up with him. We haven't been here since the fall of '08. There was some rain this afternoon and early evening.
After lunch we spent more time visiting with Bob and waited for Sue to get home from work. Tonight we all went to a local restaurant and had a nice dinner. We had enough to bring home for tomorrow.
There are robins here! I haven't seen one since last Sept.

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